How to create your account on the Fusion Parental Portal

Creating an account is a two-step process for security purposes.

1) You will use the link below to go to our Fusion website and create your account.

2) Following the successful creation, you will receive an email with a validation link, and by clicking on that link, you will be returned to the Fusion site to login. Your account is now active.

The information required to create your account:

1) The email address you provided to the school/centre to contact you at, and is currently in our systems (Note: The same email address that you are receiving email notifications from the school)

Screenshot of the email field

2) Create a secure password (It is suggested you use a combination of letters, numbers and characters to ensure that your password is as secure as possible)

Screenshot of password field

Ready to create your Fusion accout now?

The LBPSB Fusion Parental Portal is also optimized for smartphones and tablets, so you can access it whenever, wherever and on whatever you wish.

When you are ready, click on the following link:

Thank you!

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